The interesting thing about growth is that it usually doesn’t happen until we get past our comfort zones. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am all for people getting out of comfort zones. Why? Because comfort zones were not meant to be permanent resting places where we park ourselves indefinitely but rather a temporary pause or stop. I have discovered that TRUE LEARNING only happens whenwe courageously move out of that comfortable place to the unknown, the uncertain, and the unfamiliar.  No matter what you want to achieve in life there are 4 things that you need:

1)   A desire for change and growth. Nothing happens until you desire it bad enough. This requires an openness and honesty about if you are truly ready to make the necessary changes.

2)   Awareness about what you need to do.  This is the first step to any change. Knowledge that something needs to happen before you can move forward.  As well, knowledge about what you need to do, and re-evaluating what is working and what isn’t.

3)   A consistent action plan or method of doing that which you need to do. Nothing happens without action- putting feet to our desire. This is often the hardest of all. This is where the greatest discomfort occurs- but also the greatest learning. Once you achieve this step you’ll find that the uncomfortable becomes comfortable. The challenge now becomes the next step.

4)   A process to search for new ways to stretch yourself and to help others do the same.

Change is a normal part of life and a necessary ingredient to experiencing new levels of growth, personally and professionally.  Learn to love change as your friend.  Realize that it will either work for you or against you depending on your attitude towards change.   Even our goals change over time which is part of the ingredients to beautiful growth spurts.

REAL U Challenge. Identify ONE area that you are experiencing awareness that change needs to happen.  Explore your desire and determine if you desire to make that change bad enough. If yes, then take action consistently to bring about that change.



REAL U Journaling Assignment: What happened in you as you stepped out of that comfort zone and into the place of learning and growth?


Enjoy the Adventure,



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