I was re-doing my vision board and  flipping through some design magazines when I came across a picture of a nice house that I liked. What caught my attention, however, was the caption below it which read, “Past Meets Present”.  In the architecture and interior design industries there has been a quest to merge the traditional with the modern, the old with the new, the past with the present.  It is seen as important in reflecting the essence of the owner of the home when items from the past are mixed with the present items or tastes. it takes skill and creativity to know what to mix together, or what to leave behind, in order to create a blend that is seamless. The result is a beauty that is both serene and inviting.

As I reflected on this caption, I was reminded of how true this is in our personal lives too. We often want to hang on to things of the past hoping in some way they can be integrated into our present life and surroundings. These can be within the material, spiritual or emotional arenas. The difficulty arises when our past meets our present in ways that hinder us from moving forward , from becoming who we are, from taking action on the things that mean the most, or worse causing us to give up, or avoid  people, places and opportunities.

I remember a time quite a few years ago when I became aware of this . I started to avoid going certain places in fear that I would run in to a certain someone who had hurt me in the past. Even though I really wanted to go to those places, I soon realized that my past was controlling my present and ultimately my future because I hadn’t resolved internally the issue of the past.  I chose to face my pain, forgive and release any offense I had been carrying. As soon as I did I experienced a tangible difference in my ability to engage in situations I had once avoided. There was a new freedom.  My past became my past and a foundation to reflect on  where I had been and how much I had grown.  Since then, I have had many opportunities to decide when my past intersected with my present whether there was something I needed to leave in the past so my “presence” could become a seamless beauty positively impacting others . What about you? What happens when your past meets your present? Do you feel anxiety, fear, regret or peace? Are there unresolved issues of the past that are hindering your ability to engage fully in the present and disrupting your flow of movement forward?

REAL U Challenge: Make a decision today to resolve one issue that comes to mind that is hindering a current  opportunity for growth and progress?  Choose to courageously deal with other issues as you become aware of them over the next few weeks and months, instead of avoiding them.

REAL U Journalling  Assignment:  Journal about how the unresolved issue was affecting your present and the difference it made once you resolved it , even internally.

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