TRANSFORMATION!       It’s the newest buzz word on the street!    

 Actually, it’s not a new word at all, but a process that is being re-discovered as an essential component to leading  a life of fulfillment.  I first experienced the power of this process when I was 15 years old, struggling with anorexia, perfectionism and emotional blockage. Since then, transformation has become a word to describe my deepest passion and life message.

What exactly is transformation anyway? According to the dictionaries it is a process activated “to change the outward form or appearance” of something or  to bring about “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.”  The most common example in nature to describe this process of significant change is metamorphosis, where a caterpillar changes to become a  butterfly. If the caterpillar had resisted the process it would have died a caterpillar and not experienced the fullness of why it was created. Scientists coined a term to describe how one small change in one part of nature can effect another miles away. It is part of  Chaos Theory and is known as the Butterfly Effect!


The Butterfly Effect is said to be the phenomenon whereby a minor change in circumstances or situation can cause a significant change in outcome. In other words, one small change can produce huge results!

Can you see how this may apply in your current situation, personally or professionally?   What difference would one small change in your mindset, fitness, spiritual maturity, finances or confidence make in how you currently experience life?


In the next few weeks, you will be invited to explore this Butterfly Effect phenomenon as part of a live training tele-course we will be offering, called Transform your Reality NOW!  Success begins and ends with the heart- so does transformation. If you are ready for some heart-centred equipping and some REAL and SIGNIFICANT transformation, you won’t want to miss this program!!!






I am so excited about this course and the awesome line up of  guest speakers  you will hear from!    If you are longing to get unstuck, stop going in circles , and get in the flow of  living your unique purpose, you will  also want to sign up for a FREE Hotspot Seat where you will receive laser coaching live during one of the weekly training sessions.   Take stock of what’s happening in your life and decide whether it’s time to activate the Butterfly Effect!

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Live Fully! Live the REAL U!



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