Celebrations are important…

Lisa Vanderkwaak's Book-Let-the-Real-U-Step-Forward….not only strengthen relationships, acknowledge incremental progress but also to mark victories, small or big. Not to mention the fact that they are just plain FUN!

That’s why I want to include you in celebrations around my recent book launch:  Let the REAL U Step Forward: 5 Keys to Creating a Richer, More Fulfilling Life.   Westbow Press sent me my author’s copy  to review before the book is released to the public. Everything looks good and I am about place my first order. Here’s how you can be a part of the celebrations:

1)  Book Launching Party in two cities.

Beaumont, Alberta:  Week of February 18th

Vancouver, British Columbia: week of February 25th


2) Reserve your SIGNED COPY  today!   In preparation for the launch, I will be placing my first order from Westbow and wanted to give you the opportunity to reserve your copy. In addition to the number of copies that have already been pre-ordered from friends and clients, I will also be ordering extra copies for anyone who orders through my website in the next week (before  February 12, 2013).  Some of you have already ordered the digital copy through Amazon for your Kindle and have been giving me such positive feedback about what you have read so far. Thank you so much!

When you order your soft-cover copy through my website and are one of the first 100 copies ordered, you will receive your own personalized signed copy from me!

Some people have even pre-ordered copies for their friends. If you choose to do that when you make your order, please tell me the names in the comment section so I can personalize a copy for them too.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and encouragement. Here is the link to reserve your personalized signed copies today!!

Let the REAL U Step Forward Book

It’s a great feeling to have stepped forward to follow my dream and now see it become a reality!!!

May it inspire and encourage you to do the same!!!

signature Lisa

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