Do you know someone who is a natural storyteller? Do you believe you can never tell stories like her/him?

Recently, I had an “AHA” moment while attending a Coaching Camp. I realized that deep down I believed that “I am not a natural-born storyteller” and used that as an excuse to not incorporate more stories into my messages. That day I stepped out of my comfort zone and got coached on how to become a more effective storyteller.

As I learned some simple techniques and tools I became more confident in storytelling. I also realized that even if I wasn’t a natural-born storyteller l could still learn the skills and increase my impact as a speaker. The key was being coachable and not letting the limiting beliefs hold me back. I started to get excited as I applied the secrets of story-telling and saw how much more the audience stayed engaged when I spoke.

You may have a similar belief about speaking in general, and are telling yourself, “I am not a gifted speaker.” What you believe may be limiting you. The good news is that you don’t have to be a natural-born communicator to be effective; all you need is the following to break through and gain more confidence.

      1. Believe that you CAN become an effective speaker.
      2. Be open to always learning new ways of presenting or communicating your unique message. (the REAL U Speaking™ Home Study Program is a great place to start!… click here for more info on it)
      3. Be willing to put into practice what you learn by stepping out of your comfort zone. The more you practice the more your confidence will grow.

Start today…..step out and ….

Let the REAL U…..Speak Through!

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