Today I read an article that saddened me about women not being allowed to speak in a public meeting. This may not be uncommon in some Countries, but in Canada, where I live, and in the UK, where the incident happened, this should no longer be an issue. But it is… and mainly in some religious circles. What disturbed me most about this article was that it was a Student Christian group that imposed the ban. The article said that  “The Christian Union at the University of Bristol has refused to allow female speakers at their weekly workshops unless they attend the meetings with their spouse.”   No Limits to what we can achieve pix

I want to say that I am a Christian, and I have worked in the past for several years as a campus minister. In my experience and in my study of the Bible, this is not TRUTH as outlined in the Bible. It is not God’s treatment of women. This is a belief that organizations and cultures have adopted as the “christian way” when in fact it a mindset that has been used to silence women.


While Jesus was on the Earth He actually did several things that was contrary to the religious norms and cultural laws, such as speaking with a woman in public (without her husband present) and he gave women permission to lead, speak and operate in their strengths, just as He did to men. The truth is that “there is no difference between male and female” in the eyes of God- both are of equal value, worth and capabilities and have been given a voice to speak. In fact, throughout the Bible, there are several accounts of women speaking, prophesying, and teaching in public, and were affirmed and encouraged to do so.

This article saddens me because it misrepresents TRUE CHRISTIANITY and the heart of God towards women. It also saddens me because women are called to be a powerful voice on the Earth, especially in this time in history. I want to challenge women, both those who are single and those who are married: Align yourself  spiritually to the pure Truth,  find your voice, and speak with the wisdom and strength God provides. Filter the messages you receive about yourself through the grid of the Word of God, then your influence and power will be manifested as pure, full of grace and able to transform cultures in positive ways. Throw off the lies you have been believing. It is time to step forward, stand confidently and speak with wisdom, accurately reflecting the true nature and character of God and biblical Christianity. In doing so, you will push back the walls of oppression, kick satan in the head, and release other women to walk in the fullness of life, freedom and authority they are created to.

Here is the article I am referring to:

Women Banned from Speaking Publicly without Husbands Present

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Walk in truth, speak boldly

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