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Lisa is the Founder and CEO of REAL U Institute™, a professional coaching company that focuses on training emerging and high-level women leaders to  communicate with passion, purpose and transformational impact.

 REAL U Speaking Institute™ was created in 2008 to meet the growing demand for women who are able to lead with confidence, courage, and transformational impact. REAL U™ Coaching programs are designed to strengthen women leaders in the areas of Relationships, Engagement, Authenticity, Leadership style, and Unique contributions to the people they serve.  This includes equipping women to speak with clarity,  confidence and skill, while staying true to her authentic, feminine self.   You may be like most women and have put your dreams on hold,  lost your voice along the way, or simply have never been given permission to speak publicly.

Over 20 years ago, when Lisa first started speaking and training leaders, she quickly became aware of the challenges of being a woman in leadership and the lack of mentors and role models to learn from. She did whatever it took to be around such women,  to be coached and mentored by them, and believed in  investing financially in expanding her personal capacity and in sharpening her  leadership skills. Today Lisa is passionate about  helping women like you, own your personal power, identify  your unique message and develop the confidence you need to go beyond simply communicating information to connecting deeply with your team or any audience in transformational ways.

Lisa is often referred to as a Transformation Catalyst and Communication Expert.  Her ability to engage audiences in transformational thinking helps create shifts in mindsets and perceptions and inspire action.

In addition to being a Speaker, Corporate Coach and Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Lisa is also a best-selling author.

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Whether you are an emerging or experienced woman speaker, you will pick up powerful yet simple tools to create compelling messages and engage audiences of any size.  Check out the  REAL U Speaking™ Coaching Programs for more details.


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Lisa’s Credentials include the following:

BA (Honors-Linguistics) (Ottawa) , MSc. (SLP) (UBC, Vancouver)

MCS (Regent College, Vancouver)

Women Speakers Association

Women Speakers Association