About Real U Institute™

REAL U Institute™  was founded by Lisa (Dewar) Vanderkwaak in 2008 as a Transformational Coaching Company, to equip and empower women entrepreneurs to live fully alive, fully awakened , while offering the best of their unique gifts, experiences and skills to the world around them.  Equipping individuals with effective public speaking quickly became a vital part of that coaching process.

Lisa started her career as a Speech-Langauge Pathologist and opened her first business in 1993 providing Accent Reduction Coaching. With over 20 years experience in coaching leaders within both non-profit organizations and public corporations,  Lisa discovered that there was a lack of  powerful women speakers,  who could stand with confidence  and own the stage, present a clear message and  a clear call to action. Lisa is passionate about empowering and equipping Women entrepreneurs with the essential skills to speak with clarity, confidence and transformational impact.

As a Professional & Certified Speaking Coach, Lisa decided it was finally time to offer a place where professionals and entrepreneurs alike could learn how to create compelling messages, turn presentations into profitable results, and  to become the kind of speaker that keeps your audience engaged and wanting more.  Whether you are an Emerging or an Experienced public speaker, REAL U Speaking Mastermind Programs and  Speak to Transform™ Coaching Workshops were designed just for you. No matter how long you have been giving presentations, there is always room to grow personally and sharpen your skills to expand your influence and attract your ideal clients.  If you desire to keep stepping forward to  become  a more transformational communicator , check out the many benefits you will receive when you become a member  of   Speak To Transform™ network.



Lisa Vanderkwaak embraces her business and personal life with her faith at the centre. She believes that the #1 key to ultimate success is living who you were designed to be.

REAL U™ is an acronym that represents the mission of REAL U Institute™ and the guiding principles that undergirds all its events.

R- Relationships that engage the heart. Meaningful connections are key to thriving in life and successfully fulfilling your life goals and dreams.This requires a willingness to connect wholeheartedly. Whether you want to go to the next level in personal, or professional growth,  your relationships  play a key role.

E-  Embracing life in all its fullness, and engaging the process of change and growth is essential to experiencing a richer, more fulfilling life.

A – Alignment of your actions to your core values, passions, identity  and strengths positions you to fulfill your life purpose, and achieve optimal performance sooner.

L – Living Authentically requires courage and commitment to living true to who you are in every situation.

U – Unique Contributions. Part of your life purpose involves understanding your unique  combination of strengths, gifts, personality traits, and experiences.  This combination makes up your unique signature offering (USO™), and as you seek to add value  to the people around you by contributing from your USO, you suddenly find yourself fulfilling your unique purpose on the earth.