Are You Ready To Be Coached?

Business Coach Lisa Vanderkwaak of Real U Institute, Image ‘Looking for a Coach?’Lisa offers a number of options to assist you! Two are listed below.

Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching, at the basic level, focuses on helping you refine a particular presentation or speech, or improve your public speaking delivery skills.  At a deeper level you will concentrate on  the structure, content and delivery of your presentation, or speech in an interactive, practical way. You will also pick up valuable keys to owning your own style and the freedom to let the Real You…Speak through!

Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching seeks to empower you to experience a  more vibrant, fulfilling life.  Through this coaching process you will learn to establish personal foundations, establish meaningful connections, make smarter decisions, improve relationships, set strategic goals, overcome hindrances to growth and restructure your professional and personal lives  to move forward with more work-life balance, increased authenticity, skill and confidence.