Coaching . . .

  • is a unique and distinct profession that combines the best of many fields.
  • is a collaborative relationship between you and your coach.
  • ia a process that empowers you to take a series of steps in creating a bridge to move you from where you are today to  where you want to be.
  • is a catalyst that empowers you to do more, or grow beyond what you ever thought possible or could accomplish on your own, with the acceptability and support of a coach.

Thomas Crane in his book, The Heart of Coaching, describes coaching as “a communication process that focuses on connecting people to performance.”

Real U Coaching™  goes even  deeper and focuses on connecting you with your:

  • core values
  • passions
  • divine purpose

From this place of self-connection, you experience the power  of being aligned spiritually to God, and of  living more authentically. From this alignment flows the ability to communicate with others at deeper levels, and in more meaningful ways,  in both personal and professional relationships. As a result, your confidence increases, your relationships become stronger and your life takes on a magnetic effect.


As a result, you experience the following benefits from coaching:

  • increased clarity
  • improved focus
  • increased productivity
  • creativity and confidence to move forward to a place of fulfillment and greater impact


In “The One Minute Manager,” Ken Blanchard called feedback “the breakfast of champions” — an apt sports metaphor. Feedback is the primary way in which professional athletes learn about barriers that limit their performance.

Most highly successful athletes hire not one, but several coaches, each with specialized training expertise and perspectives. They use their coaches’ feedback to create a performance benchmark against which they monitor progress and change. Their coaches make the difference between their success and failure. From athletes, we can learn to love feedback as a way of growing and developing to our full potential.’
Introductory Strategy Session


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