3 Phases of Development as a Speaker!


According to David Brooks, 1990 World Champion of Public Speaking , whether you are a novice or experienced speaker you can expect to go through 3 phases of development as you grow in your speaking skills and confidence.


Phase one is where everyone starts. During this phase you are most concerned about yourself.  How you appear to your audience, whether they like you. You are focused on saying the right words at the right time.


Phase two is when you are most concerned about your message. You are focused on getting it perfect. This is where most speakers stop.


Phase three is about your audience. It is said that “good speakers” are comfortable with themselves, and with their message, but “great speakers” are most concerned with their audiences.  Great speakers have learned that to be an impactful speaker you need to make your audience your primary concern.  In this phase you are focused on not just communicating but connecting in meaningful ways to your audience both intellectually and emotionally.


It doesn’t matter which phase you find yourself as long as you are aware of it and know what to do to eventually move to the next phase in your development as a speaker. If you desire to be seen as a great speaker then you may discover that having a coach somewhere along the journey will be a tremendous asset.  Ken Blanchard, author of “The One Minute Manager” reminds us that,


Most highly successful athletes hire not one, but several coaches, each with specialized training expertise and perspectives. They use their coaches’ feedback to create a performance benchmark against which they monitor progress and change. Their coaches make the difference between their success and failure.”


In the next few weeks you will learn about the dimensions of public speaking and how to become a 3-dimensional speaker. To help you along your journey of development you will find a variety of resources on my website (www.REALUInstitute.com) such as tele-seminars, speaking bootcamps and individual speech coaching. I am so glad I have had great mentors and coaches in my life to give me wisdom and guidance along my journey and to hold me accountable to keep  stretching beyond my comfort zone to new levels of growth. If you are serious about growing in skill and confidence in public speaking then you will be thrilled with the tools, techniques and valuable keys you will pick up from even 1 session of speech coaching.


It will be my honor to share what I have learned from World Class Speakers to coach you in becoming the speaker that connects with any audience, anytime, anywhere. For more information visit Public Speaking Resources.


See you next week!


Keep letting the REAL  U…..Speak Through!


Lisa Vanderkwaak M.Sc.


Certified  World Class Speaking Coach


REAL U Institute™


“Equipping you to Communicate with Passion, Purpose and Transformational Impact”


To book Lisa to speak at your next group training or as a Keynote,  contact her at www.REALUInstitute.com

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