Are you a 3-D Speaker?


Any speaking engagement has the potential to go either very bad or very well. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase the chances of it going in your favor? Well, according to Jim Key, 2003 World Champion of Public Speaking, you can!



How? By becoming a “3-D” speaker!


What exactly is a 3-D speaker?  Each speaking opportunity is said to have three dimensions and if you are attentive to all three then you can greatly increase your odds of being effective.


A large part of the equation is simply knowing what you need to be aware of in each of these dimensions. For the sake of receiving tips and not a training manual you will learn about each dimension over three weeks. Even then you will only be skimming the surface on what can be learned about each dimension.


Here are the 3 dimensions:


1)  What you say.

2)  How you say it.

3)  The environment in which you speak.


Even though the first two dimensions are very closely linked together, I will separate them and discuss only the first one this week: What you say!

This dimension looks at the content portion of your message and speech.


Every time you speak you want to ask yourself,  “What main point or points do you want to leave with your audience?”


While you are creating the content dimension realize that your speech as a whole is one message and it can also be made up of multiple sub-messages or points. How will you get your audience to remember all of your points? As you learned in previous weeks it is important to have the appropriate number of points for the amount of time that you are speaking. That’s where the “10-1 Rule” comes in handy. The more points you have the harder it will be for your audience to remember.  Remember: “When you squeeze information in you squeeze your audience out.”


Helping you create ways to make your message memorable is one of the things you will learn when you work with a speaking coach. You will learn such things as the PARTS formula in helping create a structure that makes your speech remembered long after you leave. One simple formula you can use right now is this:


Tell a story, make a point! Or make a point, tell a story!


It doesn’t matter which order you do it in as long as you incorporate some way of reinforcing your point in a tangible way. Telling a story is one way of accomplishing this.


Next week you will learn about the second dimension of public speaking: how you say it!


See you next week!


Keep letting the REAL  U…..Speak Through!

Lisa Vanderkwaak M.Sc.

Certified  World Class Speaking Coach

REAL U Institute™

“Equipping you to Communicate with Passion, Purpose and Transformational Impact”

To book Lisa to speak at your next group training or as a Keynote,  contact her at

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