Thinking like Your Audience


Attention spans are getting shorter especially for audio presentations. As  speakers you will have to be more creative in how you deliver messages if you  want to engage your audience and make your message stick.

One way  to increase your ability to engage is to learn to think like your audience members. As you prepare the content of your message, say it out loud and reflect on how your words may potentially trigger a question or objection in the minds of your listeners.  Then address those questions and objections in your message. Include your responses in your content. You can bring them out into the open by saying something like “Some of you are already formulating arguments in your mind as you why you couldn’t do that.”  Or  “a question you may be asking yourself is…..” .  “Let’s take a minute  to briefly  discuss  that objection.”

Learning to put yourself in your listener’s shoes will serve to make a deeper connection with them and keep them engaged throughout your message.  Give it a try!


Keep letting the REAL  U…..Speak Through!


Lisa Vanderkwaak M.Sc.

Certified  World Class Speaking Coach

REAL U Institute™

“Equipping You to Communicate with Passion, Purpose & Transformational Impact”

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