Clarity is Power!



Whether is involves planning your day, a vacation, or having a vision for your future, being clear about what you want and where you are going is a powerful tool to increase productivity. The same is true for public speaking, if you are clear about your message so will your audience be. The clearer you communicate, the more likely that your listeners will apply what they hear.

To create memorable messages, having a clear structure is a simple and effective tool! If your audience can follow what you are saying, they will remember it better and are more apt to stay engaged. Having a clear structure also helps you to remember  what you want to say as well.

Craig Valentine says “a confused mind says ‘no’, a clear mind says ‘go’.”  Clarity is power because it increases focus and people need something to focus on before they can move forward or  make a change.


To create a clearer structure, start with this simple formula. For every point you make, give an illustration or an example.  Doing so, helps to anchor  the point in the listener’s mind.

To get a clear message,  you may need to sort through your ideas and lay aside those that only serve to distract or clutter your message.


Take the time t0  tune up your message so  others don’t tune out when you are speaking. Include enough to make your point and resist the urge to give them everything you know in that topic. A clear message sticks longer in people’s minds and more effectively motivates action.


Keep letting the REAL  U…..Speak Through!


Lisa Vanderkwaak M.Sc.

Certified  World Class Speaking Coach

REAL U Institute™

“Equipping You to Communicate with Passion, Purpose & Transformational Impact”

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