Be Yourself!

No matter what your experience or expertise, the greatest asset you have to offer….is you! Applying the tools and developing the skills to become an effective speaker is only half the equation. You must embrace who you are and learn to express yourself in such a way that reflects your authentic self.  You carry a unique combination that the world is waiting to receive and learn from. This combination consists of your experiences, your strengths, your passion, your message and your essential self. This is the unique offering you bring!  When you seek to become who you are designed to be, there is no room for comparison nor perfection, only honest reflection ….of your true self!  As you continue to move forward in practicing your speaking skills, keep in mind what writer, Anna Quinlan said:

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”


Keep letting the REAL  U…..Speak Through!


Lisa Vanderkwaak M.Sc.

Certified  World Class Speaking Coach

REAL U Institute™

“Equipping You to Communicate with Passion, Purpose & Transformational Impact”

To book Lisa to speak at your next group training or as a Keynote,  contact her.



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