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Sherry BorsheimKeys to Creating a Signature Talk with Ease, Efficiency and Emphasizing Your Most important Points!

Sherry Borsheim

Wednesday, June 6th 10AM MST


Sarah HiltonHow Going B.A.L.D. Will Make You a Better Speaker

Sarah Hilton

Wednesday, June 6th 12PM MST


Nicole GreerVibrant Speaking! Keys to Creating Structure and Compelling Content

Nicole Greer

Wednesday, June 6th 2PM MST

Kathleen MailerBuilding Your Business from the Stage:  Keys to Creating Profit without being Pushy

Kathleen Mailer

Wednesday, June 6th 5PM MST


Laurie Beth JonesKeys to Changing the World through Speaking & Spiritreneurship

Laurie Beth Jones

Thursday, June 7th 10AM MST


Debra Krasowski7 Secrets to Capturing Your Audiences’ Attention and Keeping It

Debra Kasowski

Thursday , June 7th, 12 pm MST


Sheri Keys McConnellSmart Women’s Success Strategies –Grow Your Business from the Stage

Sheri Keys McConnell

Thursday June 7th, 2pm MST


Craig ValentineKeys to Overcoming Fear and Owning the Stage

Craig Valentine

Thursday, June 7th, 5PM MST


You are Only  S.M.I.L.E.S. away from Becoming a Transformational Speaker

Lisa Vanderkwaak

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I don’t know about you, but this is definitely a series you will want to add to your personal library. You can be mentored and equipped by international experts throughout your day as you jog, drive or  when you find yourself waiting in lineups. Quality speakers are hard to come by. Now you can listen to them  over and over and continue to glean from their success tips keeping the learning going for months down the road. Start leveraging your time by adding this AMAZING Collection of Interviews to your library for a one time investment of  ONLY $297 CDN .


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These speakers are highly sought after and  experts in their field. They have personally impacted my life tremendously and added to my  growth as a speaker, author and coach.   The tips and tools will  help develop you as  speaker and teach you how to  engage the audience, create compelling structure, and ignite audiences to take action in transformational ways!


Speak to Transform CD'sBuy Now

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