Path Elements Profile (PEP™)



PEP™ is a highly intuitive communication tool developed by best-selling author and life coach, Laurie Beth Jones. PEP™ uses word pictures common to nature that are easily understood and quickly remembered.

These Elements of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire help people recognize individual and team differences in communication style and behaviors. The PEP™ Workshop combined with REAL U’s powerful team training sessions, helps teams create more synergy, more effective communication and collaboration.

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 What Makes PEP™ Such a Powerful Tool?  

Laurie Beth Jones describes it this way: 

Think of these Four Elements (Earth, Water, Wind and Fire) in their natural state. What comes to mind when you think of each one? Solid, Predictable. Go with the flow, seeks the lowest place. Always moving, loves to see things in motion. Hot, all-consuming. See how easy this is. You get it already. That is why The Path Elements Profile is such a remarkable communication tool. People just get it that quickly. It is fun, and research-based at the same time.

The Science behind this tool correlates with the fact that this profile is 90% accurate, 90% of the time, for 90% of the population. We believe those to be really good predictors of behavior and so we stepped forward to create one of the best communication tools out there. Go ahead and say it. “You have taken them all, right?” Well we find that when we work with teams and individuals that tell us this very same thing, that they have a difficult time remembering their score, type, color, or letter…. was that LMNQ???

We think you won’t forget this one. You can’t. It is just so intuitively simple, sound and sticky that you will find so many reasons to just keep using the Elements everyday. If you don’t try it for yourself, give it to someone who needs a gift from you or to that high school or college grad that is trying to figure out ‘who they are.’

The Elements of Success will give immediate clarity to anyone who completes it. Once you complete the online assessment you will immediately be able to print a 13 page report that is packed full of details about you. After you have read your report come back here to the site and give us your comments. We would love to hear from you and get your perspective as well. Have fun! The Elements are engineered for it!

Price: $55.oo

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