Business Coach Lisa Vanderkwaak of Real U Institute, Image ‘Looking for a Coach?’What Others are Saying:

“Lisa’s ability to ask the “right” questions helped me to discover what was most important to me, at this point in my life. As she engaged me in discovering my hopes and dreams and what things “energized” me, I was able to see more clearly the direction that I wanted to move in. Lisa also helped keep me on track..between coaching sessions, so that I would not become frustrated and drift into complacency. This really helped me focus on my plan of action to close the gap between where I started and where I wanted to go.”

Jane Gamroth  –  Owner,  New Creation Hair Design


“With her outstanding oral and written communication skills, I always look forward to reading Lisa’s newsletters and seek every opportunity to hear her speak.

What gives Lisa’s services additional empowerment is her ability to draw from a wealth of global perspectives.  It is from this understanding of global human experiences that makes Lisa’s life coaching skills authentic and truly life-changing.”

Jo-Ann Chiu, Educator


“My (sessions) with Lisa have been extremely beneficial. She is observant, easy to talk to, focused, stays on topic, insightful, energetic, positive and life-giving.  …….Lisa’s communication skills both oral & written are excellent.”

Kristen Carter Human Resources Director


“Some of the skills Lisa has that makes her such an effective life coach are..her ability to ask the right questions. With simple, yet choice words, she is able to get to the heart of an issue. I have been challenged many times to think deeper about a situation or look at an issue from a different perspective. Many times I would go home with a question she has asked that I would need to ponder on for days afterwards.

Her commitment to helping me develop practical steps I can take now to see change happen. Lisa has the amazing gift of wrapping things up at the end of every session to a few things that I can do as soon as I leave. Her positive and light-hearted attitude; yet always very sensitive and caring in her approach. Lisa has the ability to make me feel at ease even when dealing with tough situations. I never felt judged by her, but simply accepted and loved as I am.”

Mary Beamish – HomeSchooler


“When clients are exposed to Lisa’s coaching, they will have begun the process of melting together the heart, body, mind and soul in new ways…..  I find Lisa to be deeply in tune with people at a soul level.  Her years of experience and her deep compassion for people, drives her to serve and lead at high levels of performance in every role she takes on.”

“Lisa Dewar is a tenacious pursuer of excellence. She personally seeks to serve each of her clients with the highest form of herself and expects nothing less from her clients. Lisa understands obstacles and adversity first hand. She knows how to guide and encourage individuals to overcome and press in to their goals.

Lisa is an amazing resilient woman on a mission to empower others to accomplish their dreams. Lisa is a great listener dedicated to hearing beneath the surface to draw her clients out into the world to be how they are called to be. Engage with Lisa to See it! Own it! Live it! and Be it!”

Nicole Greer- Founder of Vibrant Coaching


“Lisa is an amazing coach who supports and directs you in your journey towards your goal. She also helped me become more focused so that I could reach my goal sooner.”

WooSun Brewer,  Co-Owner Accelsun


“Lisa offers invaluable insight and practical wisdom to discovering and becoming who you are meant to be– A great motivator and an inspiration to reach for the best”.

Jocelyne Babin, JB Coaching


“I am so thankful for the time you invested in me….., it has  really helped me be  a better parent and wife.”

Jane Gamroth, Owner, New Creation Hair Design


“…the material (Lisa ) used in training was so helpful, so practical, and very easy to follow. ”

Rev. Richard Isindu


“The simplicity of (Lisa’s) message make it very easy to understand and digest. ….It has helped me understand in depth the clear cut difference between a mission and vision…”

“…has clearly & deeply helped me to realize where I have failed before in my mission and vision statements. Through (the) teachings I feel challenged and really charged to take up my tools and run with the vision God has given me.”

Lydia Richard (Kenya)


“Words can’t tell and maybe the heart can’t stop at any point to count the great revelations that I have (received) after this one day of Lisa’s trainings.”

Pastor Charles Joseph GMPIC